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Oak Ridge North Police Department
Monday March 14th, 2011 :: 04:48 p.m. CDT


On 03/08/11 at approximately 1830 hours I, Sr. Officer Nation, checked out at my Police Dept. located at 27424 Robinson Rd. in reference to a warrant service on Nicole Ann Thomas, b/f, XXXXXX. I spoke with Ms. Thomas earlier this date and she advised me that she would turn herself in on the following four active Oak Ridge North Municipal Warrants: Allowing Unlicensed Person To Drive - #20057319, Failure To Appear/Bail Jumping - #20061109, Failure To Appear/Bail Jumping - #400738FF, and Failure To Appear/Bail Jumping - #400738FF01 for a total of $1,220.00. I made contact with Ms. Thomas at approximately 1845 hours inside the Police Dept. and she identified herself with a TX ID card, #XXXXXX, to be the defendant. I escorted Ms. Thomas to the Oak Ridge North Municipal Court. The Court was already in session, Judge C Akinson presiding. Judge Akinson found the defendant Ms. Thomas failed without proper cause to pay fines and cost as ordered by the Court. Judge Akinson ordered Ms. Thomas to be confined to the Montgomery County Jail. I arrested Ms. Thomas and transported her to the Jail. At the Jail she was booked in on the charges without incident.

On 03/09/11 at approximately 2040 hours I, Sr. Officer Nation, checked out at the Montgomery County Jail in reference to a warrant service on Christopher Brent Reinhardt, w/m, dob XXXXXX. I made contact with the subject in front of the Criminal Justice Center, and he identified himself by TDL, XXXXXX, to be the defendant. I executed the following five active Oak Ridge North Municipal Warrants on him: Motor Vehicle Inspection Violation - #25123201, Fail To Maintain Financial Responsibility - #251123201, Expired Motor Vehicle Registration - #25123203, Driving While License Invalid - #25123204, and Violate Promise to Appear - #251232V01 for a total of $1,481.00. I transported Mr. Reinhardt to male intake and booked him in on the above warrants without incident.

On 03/10/11 at approximately 0620 hours I, Officer Kennerly, observed a black Chevrolet P/U, displaying TX LP #10RZN7, parked in the Star Staffers parking lot located at 26514 IH 45 N. Feeder Road. At the time the business was closed and there were no other vehicles in the parking lot. I approached the vehicle and knocked on the window. The driver rolled down his window and I identified myself. I asked the driver, later identified as Brandon Lucas, b/m, dob XXXXXX, what he was doing here and he stated that he had run out of gas. I asked him for identification and could not provide me with a TX DL. I received his name and date of birth and checked him with MCSO Dispatch. A check with Shenandoah PD showed that Lucas had the following warrants: #200903110009 - Display Expired Registration; #200903110010 - Display Expired Motor Vehicle Inspection; and #201005020029 - Violation Of Promise To Appear, through the Shenandoah Municipal Court. SPD Officer Burleson confirmed the warrants and I transported Lucas to the South County Jail for booking. The vehicle was left on scene.

On 03-10-11 at approximately 1859 hours I, Officer McGrew, was dispatched to a motor vehicle accident in the 26400 block of the IH 45 northbound main lanes.
Upon arrival to the location, I observed a three vehicle minor accident that was stopped on the far right shoulder. My emergency lights were activated at this time and remained activated. Once all information was exchanged between the parties, I blocked the far right lane to let the parties involved leave the scene safely. With my emergency lights still activated, I activated my siren, and then pulled into the far right lane that was just to the left of the far right shoulder. Once the lane was blocked safely I came to a parked stop. I had blocked the lane for approximately six seconds when I observed a tan Toyota Camry, bearing TX LP #CL4C478, coming towards me. The Toyota Camry was showing the wrong license plate. CL4C478 returns to a 2006 Lexus IS 250, VIN #JTHBK262265005511, with the registered owner being Minerva Blicher. The correct license plate for the Toyota Camry showed to have been a temporary license plate, Texas license plate number 02H9239, also registered to Minerva Blicher. It appeared that the tan Toyota Camry, driven by Paul Blicher, failed to yield to my emergency vehicle while changing lanes from the number four lane into the number five lane that I had blocked. The Toyota struck my left front quarter panel and then the driver pulled his vehicle to the far right shoulder. The driver, later identified as Paul Blicher, stated that he could not get over. He then advised that my emergency lights were not on. He stated that he had never hit a Police car before. I advised Blicher to stand off of the roadway for his safety. The Texas Department of Public Safety arrived on scene and conducted an accident investigation. This incident was recorded on Unit 75's digital video system.

On 03/10/11 at approximately 1004 hours I, Officer Kennerly, observed a white 1989 Ford P/U, displaying TX LP #9512BB, driving W/B on the SE Robinson Loop. At the time I was wearing an approved ORNPD uniform, clearly identifying me as a Police Officer. I was also driving a marked ORNPD patrol car. I observed the registration to be expired 09/10 and the inspection to be expired 10/10. I activated my emergency lights and pulled the vehicle over in the 27500 block of IH 45 N. Feeder Road (Office Depot parking lot). I approached the vehicle, identified myself, and told the driver why I pulled him over. I asked the driver for his driver's license and insurance. He stated that he just left the house and forgot his driver's license. He could not show proof of any insurance either. I ask him for his name and date of birth and he told me Joshua Walters, dob XXXXXX. I ran the name and date of birth on my MDT. Officer Teske, who was with me at the time, noticed the name and knows a Joshua Walters, dob XXXXXX, and noticed that this was not Joshua Walters. I asked the driver again what his name was and again he stated Joshua Walters. Officer Teske was able to confirm that this was not Joshua Walters that we had stopped. There were two other passengers in the vehicle, Justin Robert Cannon, w/m, dob XXXXXX, identified by DL # XXXXXX, and Nicholas Joseph McClellan, w/m, dob XXXXXX, identified by ID # XXXXXX. Officer Teske asked them what the driver's name was and they stated Joshua Kaye. I asked the driver to step to the back of the vehicle and placed him under arrest for Failure To Identify. I placed him in handcuffs and put him in the back of the car. The passengers were released from the scene on foot. Officer Teske searched the vehicle and found a driver's license underneath the driver seat of the vehicle. The name of the person displayed on the driver's license was Joshua Dale Kaye, w/m, dob XXXXXX, matched the picture of the driver. The vehicle was towed by Ronnie's Wrecker Service and stored at 9131 Highway 242. Kaye was transported to South County Jail for booking. A check with Tomball PD revealed that Kaye had an open warrant, #G05027101 - Capias Pro Fine for Speeding. The warrant was confirmed. Kaye was booked into jail for Failure To Identify - Fugitive, after he knowingly provided a false name and date of birth, knowing that he had an open warrant. He was also booked into jail on the charge of Driving While License Suspended/Invalid (MB), due to Kaye's TDL being invalid and him not having insurance for the vehicle. Kaye's TDL was currently invalid/not eligible for renewal due to a Denied Renewal - FTA on 11/14/10 and his license was Revoked - Non Resident Violator Compact on 04/03/10. His TDL expired 11/13/10. Kaye was also booked into jail for the Tomball PD Warrant. The registered owner of the vehicle is Rebecca Linder of 7107 Lugary, Houston, TX 77036.

On 3-9-11 at approximately 2011 hours I, Officer McGrew, was advised of an attempt to locate over the radio. The Montgomery County Sheriff's Office radio dispatch advised that a reportee was following a vehicle that was emitting a strong odor of marijuana. The reportee advised that while at the Chevron gas station on Hwy 242, he observed a black Mazda 6 bearing Texas license plate number BS7W468, occupied by a white female driver and a white male front passenger. The reportee, later identified as Gary May Texas driver's license number XXXXXX stated that he could detect a strong odor of marijuana coming from the vehicle as he walked past it, to his truck ( a Millstead wrecker truck). The black Mazda 6 then left the parking lot and headed southbound the IH 45 feeder. Dispatch advised that the vehicle was now southbound on Main St. I staged my patrol vehicle at the intersection of Main St. and Chateau Woods Parkway. I observed the vehicle cross the intersection in front of me, and head eastbound on Chateau Woods Parkway. I initiated a traffic stop on the vehicle and we came to a stop just east of the intersection.
Upon making contact with the vehicle I could immediately detect a strong odor of, what I know to be burnt marijuana from my training and experience, coming from inside of the vehicle. I observed that the vehicle was occupied by a white female driver and a white male front passenger. The driver identified herself as Shelley Maroney Texas driver's license number XXXXXX. The front passenger was later identified as Joseph Blackard Texas driver's license number XXXXXX. I asked Maroney to exit the vehicle for Officer safety and she complied. I the asked her if there was any marijuana in the vehicle and she first advised that there was not. I asked her again if there was any marijuana in the vehicle and she advised that the front passenger had marijuana on him. I then made contact with the front passenger (Blackard). I asked Blackard if he had marijuana on him and he advised that he had marijuana down the front of his pants. he then removed three large bulbs of marijuana from the front of his pants. Maroney, the driver, then advised that there was a marijuana pipe in the center console. neither occupants were in custody at this time. Due to Maroney's advisement of the marijuana pipe and the marijuana in Blackard's possession I conducted a search of the vehicle for marijuana and the marijuana pipe. I found a glass pipe in the center console were Maroney advised it would be. Due to Blackard being in possession of marijuana I placed him in custody for that offense. Maroney was issued a citation for possession of drug paraphernalia. Maroney and her vehicle were then released. Blackard was transported to the Oak Ridge North Police department and possessed. He was later transported to the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office south county jail, located in The Woodlands Texas. The marijuana was weighed on a triple beam scale and showed to weigh 0.6 grams. The marijuana was also tested with a NIC field kit and showed to test positive for marijuana. I then placed the marijuana and marijuana pipe in the Oak Ridge north evidence locker. This incident was recorded on unit 75's digital video system. The reportee, Gary May, gave a written statement in reference to the incident.

On 03/13/11 at approximately 0718 hours, I, Officer Kennerly, observed a blue Nissan Titan traveling NB at the 27800 Block of IH 45 N. Feeder Road driving at a high rate of speed. The Kustom Pro Laser III (Lidar) showed the vehicle going 61mph in a 45 mph zone. I activated my emergency lights and the vehicle stopped on the right side of the 45 N. Feeder Road beside Oak Ridge School Road. I approached the vehicle and identified myself and told the driver I stopped him for speeding 61/45. I asked him for a driver's license and insurance and he did not have either. I asked him if he had any identification and he said no. I asked him for his name and date of birth but could not understand him. I asked him to write it down and he identified himself as Gilberto Luna w/m dob XXXXXXX. A check on my MDT did not give me any information on Gilberto Luna. Officer Teske asked him to see his wallet and found a Mexico ID Card with the name Gilberto Hernandez - Luna w/m dob XXXXXXX. Officer Teske asked Gilberto to step to the back of the vehicle and I placed handcuffs on him. I arrested Gilberto for the offense of Failure To Identify, because he knowingly provided a false date of birth. I had him sit in the back of the my patrol car. The vehicle was towed by AW Towing and stored at 8933 Tamina Road. I transported Gilberto to the South County Jail for booking.

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